Questions to ask yourself about Foreclosure Help. (Short sale, Loan Modification, Loan Mitigation )

Questions to ask yourself about Foreclosure Help. (Short sale, Loan Modification, Loan Mitigation )

By Clint Maki, Realtor, Broker

 If you are reading this or watching it on video  today, you probably have issues with your mortgage company.

You may need foreclosure help, behind on payments or trying to work out a loan modification on your mortgage or any combination of those in some form.

I’m Clint Maki; a Real Estate Broker in Michigan with twenty five years of experience in the discipline of Real Estate. In the last months, I have completed dozens of Short Sales and foreclosure preventions for people in your particular situation. I’m writing this today in an attempt to help a lot of people all at one time. I’ve watched as thousands of families have been financially destroyed and have witnessed the emotional insecurity brought along with financial stress. It does not have to happen to you.

So, if you are in a pinch with your mortgage, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I TRULY afford this house? Are the payments too big for me to deal with right now?  Will my situation change any time soon? In the next three months will my situation reverse itself?
  • How long will it take before my home is “worth” what I owe on it? An explanation can be found here:   
  • Do I really WANT to pay on it THAT long and still make no money when I sell it? Isn’t that the same as renting?
  • If I were to buy a home similar to this one today, would I pay what I owe on it or would I want to pay current market value. (Keeping it even though you owe on the note than it can sell for more  is the same as buying at ABOVE market value)

Here’s the question I have for you; If I had a way for YOU to end the financial suffering that would help preserve your credit rating and help DIG you out of Debt, end the harassing phone calls and help you sleep better at night, would you want to know?

If that answer is yes, then do this: Contact me in some way. My information is located on this page If you see a box to enter your name, then do it.  Enter your name and info into the attached form and I will send you information about what to do…and what NOT to do when facing this situation. We WILL NOT sell trade or distribute your information in ANY way. I HATE SPAMMERS.

Your identity will be held in the strictest of confidence.

OR if you like, you can call me directly at 616-837-7630.

Clint Maki, Broker 

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